About Us

Pentecost Sprinkler was founded in 1964 by Jim Pentecost. His unparalleled service in water irrigation installation and repair continued for 27 years and saw to the growth of Texas communities as we know them. 

We purchased Pentecost Sprinkler from Jim in 1991 and have sought to surpass that level of dedication to the craft and to our clients. Our goal is to have our clients feel confident in our experience in the industry and to feel comfortable to reach out to us with any need or request, whether that be irrigation or lighting related issues. 

Our crew has been with us since the very start when we began our venture and we are fortunate to call them family. Our foreman Eric is essential to our goal of giving our clients the highest level of service. 

We look forward to helping to create and maintain a beautiful home space with you. 

~ Bill & Stacey Knight ~