Q: My system won't turn off by the controller.

A: If we installed your controller, you should have a double check device or a PVB, turn this off. 

  • The double check is most likely out by your water meter. This device is shown on the irrigation plan and is in a rectangular green valve box, 18'' x 9'', with a black lid. Pop the lid open with a screw driver. There are two handles inside. Turn one handle up (both handles parallel with the pipe means the double check is on, perpendicular handles will turn the double check off). 
  • If you have a PVB, this device will be shown on your plan. It is not buried in the ground and also has two handles. Turn this off by making one of the handles horizontal. 
Q: My controller is working but there is not any water coming out from the sprinkler heads.

A: Several mishaps could be stopping the water from spraying:
  • Insure that the controller has power from the plug. 
  • Insure the system has not been deactivated from the shut off device. 
  • Check to see if the rain sensor is activated. If it has recently rained, it can take up to 3 days to dry out. 
Q: My sprinkler continues to run after it finishes a cycle.

A: The most common problem is having too many start times programmed into the controller. Only one start time is required to run all of the sections. Do not put a start time in for each section/zone. 

Q: When is it time to install my sprinkler system?

A: Before installation of your sprinkler system you will want to complete the hardscaping and dirt work, next schedule your sprinkler installation, complete your landscaping by laying sod, small bedding plants, and mulching. 

Q: I have a section not spraying with full pressure.

A: Several things could contribute to heads not releasing enough water pressure-
  • The shut off device could be clogged or partially turned off.
  • A sprinkler head or pipe could be broken.
  • A valve could be going out.
Q: How often should I water my lawn?

A: There are many different variables to consider when you are determining the best time to run your sprinkler system. i.e. type of grass, beds, soil, humidity, precipitation, etc.  It is recommended that you consult with your lawn care specialist to determine the best hydration plan for your lawn.

Q: What factors could cause my water bill to increase?

A: A water leak or too many set watering times could cause your water bill to rise. Check all sections for water run off, soggy ground, or abnormally green grass. If a valve has any debris stuck inside the system could leak from the shallowest sprinkler head. Re-check your controller for the amount of watering days set. Watch your water meter, if it is turning you will need to turn it off by the shut-off device. If the meter stops turning then you most likely have a leak. 

As always, feel free to contact us for any additional questions.